Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Robin has always been drawn to the blockbuster. Give him a choice between a movie with a plane crash or one with characters and he'll go for the plane crash every time. So it follows as naturally as night follows day that as a movie writer/director he'd be planning movies with big scenes.

A laudable goal if you can pull it off. To pull it off you need lots of dollars, an experienced crew, brave actors and some luck. Mostly you need dollars; if you have those the rest can be purchased!

Of course it helps to have a story. Peter Jackson got lucky; he had the budget and a great story to tell in 'The Lord of the Rings'.

Robin didn't have either. I have no recollection of the production for which he needed a helicopter but I do remember him describing how he was going to make one out of papier mache in his backyard. I think it was Dave who asked the killer question; 'what if it rains?'.

Cut to Robins face; puzzlement intermixed with frustration.

Another production bit the dust!

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