Monday, February 20, 2006

Pop tarts

When I made my coffee this morning I noticed a packet of pop tarts on the bench next to the breakfast cereal. I remember pop tarts hitting the Australian market 20 or more years ago and, since they're an American invention, logic tells me they've been around in the US for longer than that.

I want you to understand; I'd sooner starve than eat a pop tart, especially if it's cinammon flavoured. So it was with considerable puzzlement that I noticed the proud slogan on the package 'New Flavor (sic). Cinnamon roll'.

How, I wondered, is it possible that, in the land of cinammon flavoured everything, a cinammon flavoured pop tart could possibly be new?

My wife still shocks me when we go to the Lone Star Steakhouse. She orders a sirloin steak, medium rare with sweet potato on the side accompanied with cinammon sugar and butter. She then mixes the butter and the cinammon sugar aforesaid into the sweet potato and piles it onto the steak. Yeccch!!!

So I drew my wife's attention to the pop tarts, asking how was it possible that it could be a new flavour. Her answer was sophistry itself; it's 'Cinammon Roll', not 'Cinammon'. Doh! How could I have missed such an obvious distinction?

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