Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I don't understand

But I'm sure many Americans will be willing to enlighten me.

Todays news on Phoenix radio was full of reports of this[^] event. Horrifying crime that makes you wonder what's wrong with the world. Mesa is one of the cities that make up the metroplex that is marked on world maps as being Phoenix. In other words, it's close by.

But what took my breath away wasn't the crime itself; it was the fact that it was apparently necessary to get a search warrant for the premises after the bodies were found.

Let's be clear here; I expect that the place where I live is protected by the rule of law; that if law enforcement want to search my house they had better satisfy a judge that they have reasons.

But if they find the bodies of 5 people who were alive yesterday and are dead today isn't that enough to make it a crime scene and bypass the 'protections' afforded by law enforcement?

I really don't understand.

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