Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If you have an eye for detail

you'll have noticed I've added a 'blogmap' to my page (over there on the left just below my location map). Fascinating (and free though I'm tempted to pay em the 10 bucks a year). Thanks to Leppie[^] for 'pimping his blog a little more'. As soon as I saw he'd added a blogmap I wanted one! Such is avarice!

The stats are interestingly at odds with the stats reported on the wdevs admin page for my blog. I've long suspected the reported counts there were somewhat low. Here's the wdevs report for the last ten entries.

Sunset 26 17
Hitchcock 12 21
So there I was - part 1 34 19
On the road again! 20 20
Embarassing old movies 16 29
A flirtation with Geekdom 29 28
The legend of the Surami Fortress 22 31
Gormenghast and a bottle of scotch 24 33
Two ounces of orange juice 17 31
The blind guy 14 33

The first numeric column is 'Web Views' and the second is 'Aggregate views' whatever that term means. RSS pulls?

The blogmap indicates total visits for the last two days at (currently) 250. Probably some difference of opinion between the writers of the blogging software used on wdevs and the counters over at ClustrMap about what constitutes a visit. *shrug* No biggie but it does improve my ego somewhat to see the 250 count. Of course a few of those visits have to be from google; I'm amazed at how thoroughly google has indexed my blog.

It's when I look at the map itself that it gets interesting. The visitors from Melbourne aren't a surprise; Heino probably accounts for most of those though I suspect Keryn[^] and Lucy[^] may have clicked once or twice! :-)

Nor are the visitors shown from the UK and North America a surprise. Phoenix figures (and the map was added and stats collected after I flew to Dallas so it's not showing my own visits) as does Los Angeles, quite a scattering across the eastern half of the US and as far south as Florida. Quite a cluster due north of Dallas but nothing at all from Canada!

The rest of the world is interesting. Korea? Someone in what I think is Brazil (though I'm a trifle hazy about the boundaries on the eastern side of South America. I never can seem to remember where Argentina stops and Brazil begins! The western side for some reason is easier to remember, Chile, Peru and Tierra del Fuego.

Philip Laureano[^], I see you lurking there in Manila! :-)

Not a single visit from New Zealand! Colin D? Where are you? :-) Oh and that rightmost dot in Europe? Is that Turkey? Not quite enough detail on the map to know.

But the real puzzle is that dot located almost in the centre of Australia. Apart from Alice Springs there's nothing there! Do I really have a reader located there?

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