Thursday, December 22, 2005

Two wineglasses, one hand

I had dinner tonight with Chris Austin[^]. Nice guy, interesting, well travelled. Shucks! :-)

We ate at a Bavarian restaurant somewhere in Plano. I don't remember the name but the food was good and the beer better. I may have surprised Chris by not drinking all that much but I was driving.

We started at the bar whilst waiting for a table. It's a busy restaurant with many tables and a small bar so it's only natural that the waiting staff are sometimes queued up waiting for their drinks order. One such order was for two glasses of wine. Down came two glasses and in a moment they were filled. The waitress, unaccountably, grabbed them both in the one hand. And what happens with the traditional shaped wine glass when you do that? The one on the left tilts to the right; the one on the right tilts to the left and wine pours out.

No panic; a bit of a mop up, a refill and the glasses were good to go. So what does she go and do? Uh huh, you guessed it; she grabs them both in the one hand and yada yada.

Hey, not every post is going to be Pulitzer prize winning material! :-)

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