Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Defeating the purpose

As I was whiling away the time at the airport this morning, having a smoke outside, I couldn't help but notice this bloke at the kerb. He had an SUV (I don't remember what it was) and he'd helped load some arrivals luggage into the back. Then he took his keychain, pressed a button and the tailgate closed!

Uh huh, I thought. Just what the world needs. An electric tailgate closer!

So he jumped in the drivers seat, started the engine and then he paused. Stopped the engine, got out and came to the back of the vehicle to grab the tailgate to be sure it was closed. Then he hit the open button on his keychain, watched it open, hit the close button, watched it close, and tested it again.

Then he got back in the drivers seat, started the engine, stopped it again and repeated the process.

Finally, satisfied that the tailgate really was closed, he drove off!

Sometimes simpler is better!

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