Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sometimes you just can't win

When I put this machine together a couple of years ago I used a pair of Maxtor 80 Gig disks mirrored using the Promise RAID controller on the motherboard. Whilst I was away earlier this week one of them decided it'd had enough and the machine blue screened; the RAID BIOS reporting that one drive had failed. Ok, I'm covered. Slip a new drive in to replace the old one, rebuild the mirror and it's as though nothing had happened. That's the theory.

When it came time to buy the new drive I discovered that the original Maxtor's were long since out of production and unavailable. So I bought a Western Digital 80 Gig drive instead. I'm sure you can guess what's coming!

Yup, the new drive, whilst marked as 80 Gig is just a tad smaller than the original drive and a rebuild wasn't possible. Of course, I couldn't take the new drive back either without paying the restocking fee - it was packed in that annoying hard plastic that needs a hacksaw to open. I ended up copying all the stuff I wanted to various networked drives around the house, blowing the old array away and recreating a new slightly smaller array. Yeah, in retrospect I should have spent the extra ten bucks and bought a 100 Gig drive.

And at least I now have a nice shiny clean install.

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