Monday, January 24, 2005

I'm not really periodic

If you've been following my blog you really don't need me saying this. If not then you do.

If you do then you need to know that I travel a lot at the moment. The nature of my employer is that I don't really know from one day to the next if I'm going to be in the US, Asia or Europe. There are two constants; first that I won't be in South America; second that I won't be in Australia (bugger). I don't really mind the ambiguity; it's kinda exciting to be travelling from one continent to another.

But this does mean my connection to the internet is somewhat erratic. I'm constantly thinking of things that would make good blog entries, in my opinion if in no one elses :-) and I write em down using our old friend NotePad. Indeed I'm using my old friend right now because I'm connected to the 'net' using Swisscom Euronet. I said that as though it were obvious; but it's not. At this moment as I write I'm connected to the internet and I can check my SETI stats - currently 50077 WU's yet I cannot post to Wdevs through Swisscom Euoronet. I can read Wdevs but it won't let me post. I can also read CP and I can even post to it but Swisscom Euronet won't ever condescend to show me that my post succeeded.

How can this be? I'm paying US$30.22 per day for this connection and yet it works rather less well than my firewalled port limited connection from TI France, let alone my US$39.95 per month connection in the US that only blocks incoming connections to known server ports.

It gets better. I'm using the ethernet cable connection in my room. If I Use that connection I get 24 hours for the aforementioned EU22.00. But let's hope you can read between the lines and know that you must buy the connection after 2 PM - 1400. Don't make the mistake I did of buying the connection at 10:45 AM - if you do your time expires at 2:00 PM the same day!

Is that the end of it? Not on your life! My laptop computer has a wired ethernet port and a wireless port. If you connect via the wireless port you have another option. 30 minutes for 15 Euro.

Is this the fault of the European manifestation of the internet? I very much doubt so. I suspect it's rampant exploitation of business expense accounts.

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