Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sometimes I can be so dumb!

When I stayed here a month or so ago the soap looked like soap; it was packed in plastic and clearly visible in the little basket hoteliers leave in the bathroom next to the shower.

When I got here 3 days ago there was no soap to be seen. I was tired so I made no inquiries and when it came time for my shower I used shampoo (it works almost as well but it doesn't feel as satisfying as a real bar of soap).

Next day it was off to the customers site and by the time I got back to the hotel room I was, once again, somewhat tired (now THERE's a euphemism) so I went with the shampoo again.

Today (tuesday) I get back to the room and, once again, no sign of soap. But this time I'm not too tired so I went down to reception and asked for some soap. They handed me a small plastic container marked 'Derma Fit'. What the hell? There were three identical containers in the bathroom; and upon opening them I found they contained soap!

I'd read the words 'Derma Fit' as 'Dental Fit' and assumed they were packages of dental floss! In retrospect I should have realised the word 'Derma' meant skin and investigated further.

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