Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dicking around

As you know, I still read the Melbourne Newspapers online every day, even now, six years after moving to Phoenix.

On the front page of The Age[^], at the bottom of the page, they have a set of links from related newspapers in four other states, supposedly representing the five most viewed stories from each online newspaper.

What's been fascinating me for the past month is the remarkable persistence of the story of the bloke caught with his penis in a jar of pasta. I suppose it takes all sorts. However, as if that wasn't wierd enough, he was apparently caught near Nobbys Beach!

I can appreciate a good nob joke as much as the next bloke but I have to wonder at how long that story has persisted. The dateline is November 20th and it's *still* listed as number 1 at the time of writing. Is it really that popular a story? Or is someone fiddling the stats to keep it around?

Childish minds wonder!

[edit] Catch it while it lasts[^]. I bet the link goes stale pretty quickly. (Which is why I didn't link it in the first place but Guy *did* ask).


anodyne Brownie said...

it probably is genuinely popular.

remember: this country voted John bloody Howard in for 10 years.
mostly stupid population is what I think.

You can also visit Guugle home and check their zeitgeist to be appalled at what takes the fancy of the majority of the world.
It's all the dumb-stuff.

Hoping your 2009 is completely divine.
mwah mwah

and woo hoo - my word verif is

Guy said...

That's a great story - you should link directly to it.

Ann oDyne said...

G'day, g'day.

check this I found at Aussie expat sites
"A lot of Australians overseas read these pages. So when you've finished having a chuckle at the Toxic Custard Guide To Australia, here's a few other pages to make you incredibly homesick... err, and to help you in life out there in the world".

Anne High's Aussie In America
Kate Juliff's Australians Abroad
Rose Jorgensen's MatesUpOver
Paul Dodson's An Aussie In London