Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The 2009 White House Christmas tree

As you well know I detest Christmas[^]. Since moving to the US it's become worse of course; they *do* overdo it here. Actually, the rot sets in with Thanksgiving (which holiday I have little quarrel with) but that marks the real commencement of the insanity. It becomes well nigh impossible to enter a supermarket without being importuned for contributions to this charity or that. Indeed, one can't even enter without the incessant ding-bloody-ding of bells from Santas little helpers, strategically set up right in the supermarket entrance.

Heck, they even ding about in front of the Wal-Mart up the road from the office!

I note that nowadays they'll accept credit and debit cards. Bang goes another excuse, one that's served me well over the years, of not carrying any cash. Patently one can't be entering a supermarket without the wherewithal to pay and they consider themselves entitled to siphon off more cash. I suppose I'm just going to have to brazen it out with the truth now; I don't give to organised charity and there's an end of it.

And then we have the morons who attach a couple of fake antlers to their cars, one on either side of the front doors. Doubtless they think it looks cute. Frankly I reckon it'd look cuter if they attached a couple of dessicated dog turds but that's just me!

This evening, driving home from work and listening to the news on the radio, I heard an item that took my breath away. Apparently there's rivalry as to which state shall provide the Christmas tree that stands in the grounds of the White House. And apparently New Mexico has provided the tree twice whilst Arizona hasn't yet supplied a one. And apparently this has upset more than a few of my fellow Zonies. But fear not, for it seems that the 2009 tree will come from this state.

Phew! I'm glad they got that settled.


Anonymous said...

Please return to whatever country you came from. We don't want you here.

Rob said...

Dear Anonymous.

It's good to see you have such a firm grip on your faith that you think you can speak for all 300 Million of your fellow US Citizens (of whom I am one).

Methinks you have, however, forgotten a few of things you should have been taught in civics - things such as first amendment rights, the example of the pilgrims and other things relevant to the American experience.

Next time be honest with yourself and with us - write 'I don't want you here' and don't try and drag in the other 300 million for whom you don't speak.