Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not the brightest pennies...

After more than half a year of managing to avoid being sent back to The Philippines it seems that my luck is about to run out. Not that I dislike the Philippines as such but being sent there for work is a major pain in the bum. It'd be less of a pain if the company showed a little gratitude but that'd be asking way too much in this corporate age.

So the hints were dropped today. I suspect I brought it on myself however; I told the boss I'd be applying for my shiny new US passport this week but I wasn't going to pay the expedite fee, with the obvious implication that if they wanted me to travel anywhere outside the US for the next six or seven weeks I expected them to pay it.

Puzzled look. 'How did you travel before?'

'On my Australian passport' I replied.

'Why can't you do that now?'.

'Well', I said, 'I can certainly *leave* the US on my Australian passport. But I can't return using it'.

They *still* didn't get it. I'd have thought it was obvious that one is required to use the passport of ones country of citizenship in order to enter that country. Thus, for me, now, US passport to leave and return to the US; Australian passport to leave and return to Australia. Other countries? Whichever, I'd imagine.

They're not the brightest pennies in the purse at the office!

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