Thursday, October 12, 2006

Knucklehead Productions

delivered their latest DVD today, all the way from Australia. 'Hank' Heino (if he can call me Chip then I can call him Hank!) directed but I notice the stars, his youngest daughter and a friend, got the Executive Producer credits.

Great art it ain't but it was certainly fun to watch. I laughed at the friend playing the part of local fireman and hiding behind a moustache that looked large enough to serve dual duty as a toilet brush! The cop trying to keep a straight face was also fun.

But the biggest laugh was at the pretentious Knucklehead Productions logo at the end! :-)

The goofs were fun too; Hank always does those well and he has the ability not to get over-indulgent with them.

Hank, was that the missus in the dark jacket waving her arms and facing the camera during the earthquake scene you shot outside the house? :-)

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maaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeee said...

Twas her . . and if you'd looked on the back of the DVD parcel you'd have noticed it was from Heino "Bazza" S etc. I think Chip and Bazza has a certain ring to it. Hmmmm "BOREDOM"! starring Chip and Bazza . . . what'dya think Chipperoonie? lol