Monday, October 05, 2009

Back in the USA

My sister complained, most vociferously, that I hadn't updated my blog since August 1. When I responded with the suggestion that *she* take it upon herself to write 1,110 posts, some of them vaguely interesting, and then see how she felt about writing the 1,111th it failed to have the signal effect I'd hoped. Well, I didn't really hope - until you've done this stuff you don't know what it's like.

I'm back in Phoenix after another two weeks spent in Australia. I may, if I can work up the enthusiasm for posts 1,112 etc (you get the idea) write about it. Sufficient for the nonce that two weeks was way too short.

You have, no doubt, observed a tendency toward gustatory enthusiasm on my part. There's no denying it, I *do* enjoy my food, when edible. Fortunate, no doubt, that it's mostly not edible, hence my youthful figure at my age. I can picture Gary and Heino chuckling over that line. Youthful at my age???

I don't mind admitting the shock when I tested the scales in the lunchroom at work a few weeks ago and they reported I was 11 stone 4 (158 pounds). How could I be that heavy methought? The next day they reported a more svelte 10 stone 8 (148 pounds). Now I'll admit my wife's cooking is nothing to write home about but 10 pounds in one day? Obvious conclusion? Those scales were liars! So it proved to be over the next few days, reporting varying weights from 134 to 172 pounds.

Arrived at Melbourne 16 days ago we did what I always want to do when arriving in Melbourne after the ritual 'maaattte' and smoke. Over to Williamstown to the fish shop! Here's a photo (honesty impels me to add that this photo was actually taken on my last full day there this trip).

Don't I look cool (not!).

Here are the comestibles themselves!

That elongated brown thing lower middle is a cornjack (corn dog in the US). The brown thing in the middle is a fish cake. All the rest are chips and potato cakes. The fish itself (actually it's shark) was wrapped separately and it was magnificent! So were the chips!

While our order cooked we joked around and it was suggested that I pose before the order board inside the fish shop itself. But no, that wouldn't do for the proprietors. I used to be a regular there before I made the move and by now they know that when my ugly mug appears, every year or two years, they have a visitor from afar in their midst. Thus an invitation to an experience very few fish shop afficionados have - an invitation to stand on the *other* side of the counter for a photo. Here it is.

Gotta say, it's bloody hot that side of the counter!


Guy said...

Great to see another blog post Rob! And welcome back - I didn't realize that it was time already.

Can't say that I salivated at the site of those fish and chips. I always feel nauseous at the end of one of those meals - perhaps that's part of the experience.

Anonymous said...

Youthful? Just look at the ears on him! Maaaaaaatttttttteeeeeee :)

Ann oDyne said...

looking a bit Early Nolte there Mate, and the Chiko Rolls on the board made me wonder if they are sold in AZ ?

Happy Trails

Anonymous said...

SHit Rob, $4.00 minimum chips .. they wanna be good and plentiful with it. Feel like a trip to the morgue?????? now you know who it is

Rob said...

Took a moment Dave...