Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm not sure how much longer I can go on getting away with stuff like this

My wife and I went out for dinner tonight. I had the shrimp linguini with lobster and she had clams with linguini.

Part way through the meal she noted that the clams were rather small. And I, as quick as a flash, asked 'why don't you complain to the small clams tribunal?'

Boom boom!


David K / said...

Roberto, some things just never change. Don't ever lose you wicked sense of humor!

Ann oDyne said...

Boom Tish!

I do love linguine with clam sauce.
Years ago I read Andy Warhol mention that he always had it at a particular NYC restaurant.
I went there.
It wasn't on the menu.
I mentioned Andy.
They made it for me!

are we as happy as clams?
why are clams happy?
Because they can shut themselves away from the world?

pleased you are eating well.