Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's the small victories

You know how manufacturers will package some foodstuffs in cardboard and print a 'tear here' notice, complete with perforations and tongue and tab for resealing? Presumably to give the thrifty shopper the illusion that the package really is resealable and the contents will retain their freshness.

Today I managed, I think for the first time ever, to pull the tab along the perforations and it actually tore as it was designed to. Now there's a first! Nearly fifty four years on the planet and I've finally pulled it off! Let's see if the bacon contained within maintains its freshness. I doubt it. Fortunately, I also doubt I'll leave the bacon long enough anyway.

It's the small victories!


Shog9 said...

In just the past year, i've managed to accomplish this twice with butter boxes. Granted, there's really no point to re-closing a butter box. It is, perhaps, even more useless than resealing a box of dried cereal. Yet, i cannot deny the satisfaction that this small victory gave me.

*sigh*... I'm so easily manipulated...

Keryn said...

I do post.. just locked to friends.. perhaps you might have to log in once in a while =)