Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally made an offer

So much for optimism. I mentioned[^], two weeks ago, that we might be making an offer on a house the following day.

Naturally it wasn't that easy, was it? Never is. I'll spare you the details but the refinance we signed three weeks ago has been refinanced again! Fortunately we were able to claw back most of the original closing costs and there are other costs not required this close to a re-refinance (property appraisal for one).

So, after doing our sums yet again, we finally made an offer on the house today. We're still waiting for a response beyond the acknowledgement that an offer has been made but I quite understand the need to think it over. While we're waiting, here are a couple of shots of the backyard.


If you imagine those photos are accurate regarding size and scale I have a plastic model of a Rolls Royce you might want to drive away in! They're from the vendor website and shot in that style peculiar to Real Estate photographers.

Contrary to expectation I'm not feeling in the least nervous about the whole thing. I suppose it's the fact that I no longer believe that Real Estate money is 'real' money. Think about it; I'm not far short of my 54th birthday and we're talking a 30 year mortgage. I know, about as surely as I know anything, that I won't be here when the mortgage reaches its end and, frankly, I'd be amazed if my wife was. Yet we all, we two, the mortgage broker, the lender and the seller, all solemnly pretend that sometime in 2038 we'll make the final payment and the house will be ours and ours alone. It all has such an air of unreality about it.

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Guy said...

That's a great looking pool and you don't want a back yard any bigger otherwise you have to maintain it. I'll have to give you swimming lessons now so you don't drown... :)