Sunday, January 27, 2008

Touch this potato peeler and you die!

While Heino was in the air on his way here last September I remembered, too late, that I'd meant to ask him to get me a humble potato peeler of the kind we used to have in Australia years ago. They're made of plastic with the blade parallel to the handle. Unfortunately I've not managed to find anything quite like them here in the US. The most common one I've managed to find has the blade at right angles to the handle and they're a bloody nuisance to use.

Even when I found one in much the shape I wanted (and purchased it) it was about three sizes too big and made the peeling of a humble spud a much more involved process than it needed to be. Indeed, I've preferred the old fashioned method of using a sharp knife.

A week or so after Christmas Heino hinted that he had a package ready but he hadn't yet actually packed or sent it. Lazy bastard! And late last week I finally got the email intimating that it had been sent.

I suspected it was a DVD; either one of his homemade ones (and they're bloody good) or perhaps series 4 of Kath & Kim[^]. I felt the latter more likely and so it proved to be; his homemade DVDs usually come out before Christmas, not after.

8 new episodes of K&K; pig heaven!

Of course, Heino being Heino, he couldn't resist a surprise; the package contained not only the DVD aforesaid, it also contained an Aussie potato peeler! Of course I had to cook tonights dinner; cheesy potato bake as the centre piece.

How do I describe the peeling of those spuds? The skin practically slid off!

I told the family, as I cleaned the peeler and hid it away beside this computer, that if they touched it they'd die! Don't forget, these are the people who need, on average, one new mobile phone a year each because they drop em, lose em, leave em on the roofs of cars, leave em in pants pockets in the laundry and so on. I've had the same mobile for 4 years!

There's a reason the remote controls for my TV/PVR/DVD player are hidden away when I'm not using them!


Guy said...

My favorite headphones and pocket knife have recently gone that way. I continue to search in vain for them but I should really just go out and get new ones rather than lament that I will never see them again.

ChrisR said...

This is the kind of potato peeler I always used growing up. Is this anything like it?

Nice to see you blogging a little bit again by the way.