Sunday, November 18, 2007

Now that's exactly what I'd expect to see there

We were driving, my wife and I, out through the desert country around Pinnacle Peak Road and Tatum Boulevard. I'm told the country there looks much as it would have looked before about 1880 though I fear the road and power lines tend to destroy the illusion.

And there, off to the right, maybe 20 metres from the roadside, was a bloke in his thirties riding a unicycle through the brush!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I was in CodeProject and noticed that you started with National Semi's SC/MP or SCaMP chip. it was nice to see we have something in common there as we both made our start with the SC/MP. Think about that today, the SC/MP 1 was 1mhz and the 2 was 2mhz. Wow, and that was *FAST* at that time. Couple that with an unbelieveable 256 bytes by 4 in a single ship for ram, who could ask for more! I used to work for National at that time. Thanks for some good old memories.

Rick Bartlett