Thursday, November 15, 2007

I wish I'd thought of that

I flew back from Dallas today. The customer presentation went more smoothly, and more quickly, than expected and I got back to DFW a couple of hours earlier than I'd expected. Just in time to miss an earlier flight to Phoenix that I wouldn't have taken anyway; it's not worth the hundred bucks to me to get back two hours earlier and the office sure won't pony up the extra.

The gate was crowded and there were no empty seats in the immediate vicinity. But there was one woman with her suitcase proudly occupying the seat by her side. This with people standing around. So this guy walks up and, as cool as you please, said:

'So you've got two asses!'

She got the point. And I had an uncomfortable couple of minutes trying to stifle the laughter. I wish I'd thought of it! (and had the courage to say it).


Colin Angus Mackay said...

Nice one! I'll have to remember that.

Guy said...

At first blush when I read "The customer presentation went more smoothly, and more quickly" I actually read "The customer PENETRATION went more smoothly, and more quickly" and I did a double take wondering if your wife knew what you were up to.

Rob said...

That assumes there's someone prepared to pay *me* for what you're suggesting :-)

Banna said...

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