Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's all over

Yep, Heino's gone home. Lucky bastard!

As you might have guessed, considering how I rattle on about food, the subject of cuisine was never far away. He did indeed enjoy ribs and some excellent steaks during his stay though I fear we were unable to convince him to give Mexican a try. No amount of protesting that what he knows as Mexican food back in Australia is as Mexican as I am was capable of turning the scales.

He did try a burger at Hooters[^]. Uh huh. Hooters. Knowing my aversion to American burgers I played it safe with the chicken wings but Heino was not deterred. He pronounced it pretty good.

But who goes to Hooters for the food?

A positive experience at Hooters lead to the inevitable disappointment, at Big Nose Kate's Saloon[^] in Tombstone. Truly vile food. Heino's face was a study as he ploughed his way through the burger. My shredded beef with BBQ sauce was a lot worse than it sounded and it sounded bad enough. He got his comeuppance twice over when, thinking to moisten the burger a trifle, he dabbed some Heinz ketchup over the top. I don't think he believed, until that moment, that I had not exaggerated the extreme sweetness of the stuff!

But if our burgers and beef were not quite up to scratch we were more than amply compensated with a large serving of ham, courtesy of the re-enactment of the Gunfight at the OK Corral[^]. Ok, I got carried away with the opportunity to continue the food theme. I quite enjoyed it.

Driving back to Phoenix from Tombstone, via The Thing[^] Heino promised he'd have a couple of Aussie meat pies for lunch when he got back, followed by fish and chips for dinner that evening. He also promised to send photographic proof, purely to underline the fact that it's been over two years now since I've had decent fast food.

I'm still waiting for the photo of the fish and chips!

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