Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The flag

Not far from Hooters[^] in Phoenix there's a flag shop. They sell all kinds of flags; not just US and US State flags but flags of the world.

Heino was on the prowl for gifts to take back to his family and his biggest problem was finding something you couldn't already buy in any shopping centre in Melbourne. I kid you not. When my wife Sonya was in Melbourne back in 2002 I took her through Myers; she was surprised to see all the teenwear bearing US flags. *shrug*

I thought it might be unusual to take back an Australian flag purchased in Phoenix but he felt that idea was insufficiently original. What he did buy, for me, was a car number plate bearing the Australian flag. Back in Australia you have to have number plates back and front so there's nowhere to attach a third plate. Not so here in Arizona; we only have the rear plate.

The curious thing about the plate is that it has the word Australia printed on the lower edge. It seems strange to me that someone felt the need to print the name of the country adjacent to the flag; surely anyone in the market for an Australian flag car number plate would already know what the flag looks like!

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Guy said...

You don't think that it's for the edification of someone in Phoenix staring at the license plate? (By the way, it's a license plate not a number plate - it does not only contain numbers.)