Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 2

Since Morgan was released, on parole, from prison. One might argue that it's early days and I ought not to expect overmuch; certainly such would be Sonya's argument if we were prepared to discuss the issue. So far we don't seem prepared.

Nonetheless, on the evidence of two days I have to say not much has changed. I was treated to the dancing hippopatami during my afternoon nap (which I always take after I get home from the office and before dinner). I heard Sonya try to shush her and heard the response 'I didn't know he was home'. Which response was accepted by Sonya. When I arose I was more pointed 'of course you didn't know I was home. To know that would have required looking at a clock or out the front door at my car!'.

I'm advised that when one goes to prison one surrenders ones street clothes and, here at least, dons an orange jump suit. Sonya wasn't really open to my suggestion that we buy a pair and wear em when she returned. *shrug* She was even less responsive to a suggestion that we schedule a night of films, featuring such titles as Women in Chains[^] or Caged[^]. Well, *I* thought it was a good idea!

Now if you think about it, it's pretty obvious that one enters into custody at a place other than the prison itself. It also seem obvious that, once in custody, one must be 'marked' in some way if only to make it easy for the transport guards to know who's who and who isn't. Thus, Morgan, having been sentenced and taken down, had to change out of her street clothes into the orange jump suit aforementioned. I'd have imagined the street clothes would follow her but not a bit of it. To reclaim those she has to go down to the Fourth Avenue gaol.

Thinking this through a bit further and knowing the propensity of the state to hang onto what it owns I asked the next question; if her street clothes are at the Fourth Avenue gaol but she's at Perryville *and* she has to return the orange jump suit what does she wear out of prison? I mean literally, what does she wear as she walks through the gate and back into our world? The answer, it seems, is that if no one arrives with clothes, either nothing or whatever they can scavenge out of a charity bin of clothing.

Since the nothing option would probably lead to swift arrest and return to prison it seems the released felons are very much subject to charity. Interesting catch 22.

Now you understand that this is what I've gleaned from my wife. I'd sooner die than ask Morgan about it. Indeed, on Sunday Sonya was waxing enthusiastic on getting the 'lowdown' on prison life from Morgan. I stared at her aghast. 'Are you insane? The very last thing you should do is lend the faintest odour of glamour to her last month!'

The little princess was to be released sometime between 8 and 10 AM. Sonya, of course, planned to be there at 8. I counselled an arrival no earlier than 10. As I put it, whichever way it goes one of you will have to cool your heels waiting on the other. Why should it be you? I'll let you guess what time Sonya got there.

On a totally unrelated note, today marks my seven year anniversary of living in the USA. As I said to Sonya, 'I've done my time - atoned for that mirror I broke. Can I go home now?'. Permission not granted!


Ann ODyne said...

Just swinging through on Christmas Eve to wish you the good stuff, and wonder how cold December gets in AZ.

Rob said...

Bah Humbug! :-)

Phoenix itself is about as cold as Melbourne gets in winter though rather drier. Up north of here (Flagstaff etc)? It gets colder than a mother-in-laws kiss and that's mighty cold indeed. Definitely snow country. Likewise up around the Grand Canyon.

BwcaBrownie said...

oh don't you just loathe comment spammers. Daniel just wants us to click on his name but we won't. a pox on him.
Hope your weather is better than Melbourne - we are baking and all weary of 30+ degree days.
X X X aka ann o'dyne

Ann ODyne said...

26th May 2010
Greetings dear Phoenix.

Ann ODyne said...

gosh it's quiet here.
Good to see you at my place and love the crazy old names. I have a Cinderella Simkin b 1893 Victoria in my tree, but 'Cancel' is up there with the big guns.

onomastitrix is a NZ names blogger, collecting all the weird modern ones.
hope all is good for you

Guy said...

It's been 558 days since your last post. Isn't it about time you started writing again?

Rob said...

SELECT DATEDIFF(dd, '11/17/2009', GETDATE())


And no, I've said everything I had to say.

Ann O'Dyne said...

'said all I have to say' ?

Guy darling, come over to my place. Rob will turn up when he feels lonely.

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