Sunday, July 13, 2008

A small mystery

You'll remember that a few weeks ago I had to attend court as prospective juror. I made fun of the fact that they provide transport[^] to cover the two blocks from the free parking to the courthouse!

Not only do they provide the shuttle bus aforesaid, they also provide a free pass, sent in the mail along with the juror summons, good for a days travel anywhere in the Valley on any Metro Bus or Rail Route. I'm not sure which rail route they're talking about - I certainly haven't seen any trams running on the light rail[^] and there's no suburban rail system.

In addition, they also pay mileage on the assumption that one has driven in; the amount paid is so many cents per mile (I can't remember the number) based on ones zipcode. It's certainly an assumption; the cheque arrived in the mail a few weeks ago without my having to turn in the free bus pass and without my having to do anything to claim the money apart from appearing as summoned.

Methinks they know we don't use the buses. Indeed, I've been here more than five and a half years and haven't been on a bus yet. I don't even know how one pays the fare; is it cash or does one purchase a card somewhere? If paid in cash what is the price? Do they provide change?

The free bus pass has been sitting on the desk above my keyboard and below my monitor ever since receiving it. Today, for some reason, I moved it and found the following inscribed on my desk.

Andrew swears he didn't write it and I'm inclined to believe him; I'm not sure he knows how to spell the word. Somehow I can't see my wife writing it. That leaves one obvious suspect but I think not. If it were Morgan I'd expect the word to be carved into my heart rather than texta'd onto the desk.

So who?


Dysthymiac said...

funny world.
I had only just fallen over A Cunning Plan an Aussie in Arizona, and now i've fallen over you.

Sills Bend is the link to you,
(you called Sydney "up there" and I though "oh a melb blogger", so seeing Arizona on your profile really threw me),
and Pavlov's Cat was the link to Cunning.

we are the Blogistocracy.

güvercin said...

thank you

Rob said...

güvercin you're welcome.

Alas, I have no idea what language your blog is written in (whereas you can obviously read my language) but I did get a chuckle about a response from someone who obviously loves pigeons.