Monday, February 19, 2007

I must have misheard that!

You already know I'm rather more fond of wine than is good for me. About half a year ago I decided to change the way I drink it; now it's half and half, half wine, half water. If you've ever tasted Phoenix tap water you already know that's not an option. Nope, bottled drinking water for this little black duck!

Gotta say it was a good idea. I still drink every night and drinking much the same amount of liquid. Which means that I'm drinking half the wine I used to. Actually it's a bit less than that; the ballsy red I used to enjoy now looks distinctly rosé. I've gone from two bottles a night to three nights a bottle! As a result I'm feeling much more like facing the world the next morning. It's hard to describe. I imagine you'd have to have been drinking as much as I was half a year ago to appreciate the difference.

As an aside; a sure sign of a heavy drinker is when they hit the gatorade first thing in the morning! Uh huh. I don't think I've tasted gatorade in half a year, coke about the same length of time. Probably a good thing - they're both foul but not half as foul as Dr Peppers.

We buy those half litre bottles of drinking water by the slab; 24 at a time. I've given up the argument that it's cheaper to buy it by the gallon and manually refill the empties. They (Sonya and Andrew) just won't do it. So I no longer do either. On the other hand, Sonya doesn't always remember to buy a new slab when we're getting low.

I don't usually notice the shortage until it's late in the evening; time to sit down and enjoy a glass and let me tell you, when it's that time I really don't want to jump in the car and head over to Fry's or Basha's to get a slab. So I've taken to hoarding the buggers. I have six and a half bottles sitting on the bookshelf adjacent to the computer as I write this.

Last week as I sat at the computer listening to a string quartet Sonya discovered that Andrew had his own private stash. I could half hear the conversation as it unfolded. Sonya said 'so you're hoarding too?'.

But what I thought I heard was Sonya asking Andrew, her son, 'so you're horny too?'. I fear my incredulous 'what?????' didn't convey even a tenth of the surprise. That question, had it been asked, was wrong on so many levels!

Andrew blushed. Sonya and I laughed.

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